It is a project of a health care facility that will provide in-patient & out-patient care and educational facilities of European standards to the population of Tripoli and the wider North-East-African Region.

The Hospital can accomodate 310 beds with the following services, Outpatient department, Diagnostics and imaging, Operating theatres, Internal Medicine, Maternity, Cardiology, Nephrology, Neurology, Dialysis, Oncology Departments, Intensive Care Unit, NICU, Dental Department, Ccsd, Laundry, Kitchen, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Academic Education And Professional Application Functions, Nurse School, Simulation Centre, Research Labs, Conference Rooms, Classrooms, Dormitories, Social Facilities And Sports Halls.

Design and Planning services resulted development of a complete new General Hospital in
Phase 1;
● with 180 beds (24.500 m²) (General Hospital and Educational Facilities&Wards)
● Nurse School (10.500 m²)

Phase 2;
• with 130 beds (8.500 m²) (additional Wards)

And in total 310 beds 43.500 m².

Date / 2015

Client / Kabatas Mimarlik A.S.

Location / Tripoli City - Libya

Project Area / 43.500 m² - BIM Project