The target of the project is to create contemporary architectural design, by protecting natural values of the land and being compatible with the existing buildings.

The main thoughts that give directions to the project can be listed as;

1- To protect and improve the natural and cultural values.
2- To carry the memorial important buildings to the future, suggesting new functions.
3- To design an urban park, that contains cultural and artistic areas so that the citizens can benefit.
4- To transform the area into 24-hours living city center by recommending new functions.

According to these thoughts, new functionalities have been given to the existing structures, and new buildings have been added in order to create a place that can be a center of culture, art and administration.

Decisions can be grouped under the following headings;

Existing buildings

• Industrial Profession High School stone workshop buildings are improved, it has been transformed into exhibition and seminar center. Multipurpose hall has been added to the building.
• The existing building of Government Office had functioned as a center of Non Profit Organizations. The monuments and squares are preserved.
• The building of Profession High School for Girls is protected in term of urban memory, is functioned as a part of the archaeological museum.

Land settlement and spatial arrangements;

• All trees have been protected in the area and new trees are proposed to be planted.
• Topography is less intervened as possible.
• The intersection of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha Boulevard Street and Kayalık Street is functioned as a parade ground.
• The concert hall opposite Ataturk Park can be used as an open-air cinema. By the way an area had been created which integrates the Government House with the Exhibition and Seminar structure (Stone Workshop structure).
• Enver Pasha Boulevard is pedestrianized. Atatürk Museum Square was created. (The connection of the Festival Place Square with the old city castle area had been strengthened.)

The newly designed buildings;

• The Mansion which designed around an atrium is planned in the northeast side of the area. The governor facilities, office units and the conference hall are placed around this atrium. This low rise building has a pure and calm design.
• Temporary and permanent exhibition halls, conference hall, outdoor exhibition areas are arranged inside the new recommended archeological museum.
• The Cultural Centre, including conference halls and exhibition spaces, are located in the city park.

Date / 2009

Client / Province of Denizli

Location / Denizli

Team / Köksal Aksoy (M. Architect)
Bülent Çetin (M. Architect)
Hakan Özbek (M. Architect)