City Attractions
City Environment, Town Square, Local Governance and Cultural Center It is an important thing that combines the green area with the government offices near the seaside, the cordon and the pathway. This relationship is maintained with ”City Green Permanency”. A city scaled green park is formed by combining the Public Garden, wooded areas with public buildings and sports area together. The park is associated with Cultural Center and Local Administration Building.

City Path
A path, including a town square, wedding hall, local governance and exhibition hall and a parade ground is designed. The kindergarten is faced to the south side, so it supplies more sunlight into the rooms. The platform in the level 5.00 is designed as a secondary square which faces to the city path. It also contains a foyer, a dining room, café and an exhibition hall.

Local Governance and Cultural Center
The every four separated blocks include local governance units.

Cultural Center and Wedding Hall
The wedding halls and the foyer are located in the ground floor and the cocktail hall, media library, café and also the second foyer in the platform floor. The entrance to the halls is placed in the side street.

Date / 2012

Client / Municipality of Canakkale

Location / Canakkale

Team / Prof. Dr. Bülent Tarım (M. Architect)
Köksal Aksoy (M. Architect)
Bülent Çetin (M. Architect)
Hakan Özbek (M. Architect)
Alper Aykam (Architect)